March Meeting

Date - Saturday 19th March

Time - 9 am

Location-  Moredent: Level 9, West Tower, 608 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne 3004

Presenter: Dr . Michael Cohen,  President and owner of Seattle Study Club, Inc.

Topic: An Esthetic “Nightmare” The Ultimate Challenge                                                                                   


This complex anterior esthetic disaster will test the limits of your members’ case planning skills as they engage in solving this post-treatment esthetic complication. Younger members will find the challenge formidable, yet approachable, and should have little difficulty in understanding the proposed treatment options and their rationale. More experienced clinicians will also be tested by the severity of breakdown present but should also be excited to develop plausible solutions. Both groups will be able to compare their treatment recommendations with that of a well-known expert, and the discussion should lead to one of our more robust treatment planning sessions yet      

  • Learning Objectives for Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning Workshop 
  • • Develop treatment plans utilizing an interdisciplinary approach
  • . • Identify the proper diagnosis to drive treatment options. •
  •  Enhance understanding of basic and advanced techniques and technology.

February Meeting

Date: 22nd February

Time: Dinner (time TBC)

Location: TBC

Topic: Covid Reemergence Dinner

October Meeting

Date: Tuesday 19th October

Time: 6:45- 8.30

Presenter: Dr Larry Benge

Topic:  Dental Implant rehabilitation, a brief review of the history, some facts on technique and a discussion on common complications.

2021 September

Friday 17th September - 1 pm

MoreDent with Stefan Koubi

2021 July – Caseflix 56

20th of July CaseFlix Presentation

Location: Online

Updated Date: 20th July 2021 - 6.00 pm - 8.30 pm

Please head to Google Drive to find the Caseflix Worksheets


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2021 May

3D printing in Ortho

Alex Yusupov shows us amazing things