Dr Martin Gale lived in Northern England until he was 25 years old.  He qualified as a dentist at The University of Newcastle, with distinctions in anatomy and physiology.  He worked for two years in general dental practice before deciding to move to Hong Kong to study a PhD at The University of Hong Kong.  He also taught in the Department of Conservative Dentistry there and worked part time in general dental practice.  Dr Gale’s PhD investigated how fillings can leak, letting bacteria inside and so causing pain, decay and staining.  This bacterial leakage problem can often lead to the need for root canal therapy.  So Dr Gale was inspired to study a two year masters program in clinical endodontics (root fillings) at The University of Melbourne, Australia.  Now armed with a strong theoretical research background and an excellent practical training, Dr Gale began work as a specialist endodontist in Melbourne in 2000.  He set up Ivanhoe Specialist Endodontics in 2005 and continues to offer specialist endodontic services from Ivanhoe, Melbourne.  He is married with two daughters who delight and amaze him.   He also cycles regularly and particularly enjoys travelling in Australia, which is such an awesome country.